methyl masterdrolv2?

  1. methyl masterdrolv2?

    new to the site but not to phs or steriods. im 5'9" 180 24yrs old was thinkin about Methyl MasterdrolV2, HDrol, and Powerfull stack. I have all supports no need to ask and i know the masterdrol is new anyone have anything on it.

  2. There's probably no info about MMV2 here because the new legal gear products are A$$, however I searched for it on some other forums and found that it pretty much sucks and is underdosed. I think PA talked about what it actually is. PA is Patrick Arnold. I'd just run the Hdrol.

  3. I wouldn't trust a V2 of anything, don't know for sure but there's a good chance its not even a PH.

  4. thanks guys im still gonna try it got 2 bottles from a friend

  5. Is there a difference between masterdrol V2 and methyl masterdrol V2? If there isn't then its just DHT, M5AA i think it was.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  6. Their web site says it's a pro-steroid to Stanolone, which I thought that was liquid masterdrol ughhhh. I wish LG wasn't so geeey and would just give us a formula.
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  7. They did, Its 5a reduced DHEA. Two steps away from DHT.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jasonschaffin View Post
    They did, Its 5a reduced DHEA. Two steps away from DHT.
    Yea I finally found the checmical name and wow its a weird one. 2 steps away from Stanolone ehh??? I wonder what the conversion rate is and an effective dose of stanolone. I've got some liquid masterdrol and maybe i should pick up this to stack the 2 if neither converts very well.
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  9. if it's 2 step away from DHT , it should be effective no ?

  10. right now im eleven days in good strength but that might have to do with the powerfull. started the hdrol 2 days ago so we will see


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