Transdermals and Time Before Showering?

  1. Question Transdermals and Time Before Showering?

    Hi, I was wondering how long one should wait after applying a transdermal such as LGP 1-T before showering? Or in other words how long does it take before the vast majority of the active ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream? Thanks in Advance, Brendan.
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  2. Ive heard that after 3 hours the majority is absorbed.

  3. This has been gone over before. The best case would be to shower before you put it on nad then again immeditly before your second application. If you must shower in between apps i would wait 4-6 hours. I think Curt said at one point in time that most of the active would be absorbed by 3 hours but I would give myself 4 just to be safe.

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