Epi vs T3

  1. Epi vs T3

    would Epi + alb stand up against 75-100mcg of t3? and at what dose? any experience here?

  2. nothing?

  3. why in the hell are you comparing these to one another?

    for one thing, T3 is catabolic (anti-anabolic), while epi and even albuterol to some degree are known to be anabolic.

    if you are trying to ask which is better for burning fat then you'll have to ask someone who has tried all 3. I have only used the two former products.

  4. Not even a comparison made?

  5. hmm, maybe what i am asking is terribly unclear. will the combined anabolic effects of epi and alb prevent me from looking like ive never lifted a day in my life after using t3 at 75-100mcg

  6. He's asking if he can run epi with T3 to counter muscle loss from the T3.

    My answer...i'm honestly not sure but having almost as good of gains from epi as SD i'd say it would work out great. But there are more informed people out there.


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