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HDROL/Propadrol or M4OHN/Propadrol????

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    HDROL/Propadrol or M4OHN/Propadrol????

    Who has any useful thoughts on which of the above stacks would be better on a pure cutter? I have to believe they are going to be pretty similar.

    Is there any place for Trenaplex in this mix either as an add on (overkill?) or as a replacement for one of the above compounds?

    Goals are to have pure mainenence of lbm while on a cutter with no loss of libido??? Generally I gain size very easily but still have trouble maintaining mass/strength on a reduced cal/reduced carb cutting phase.


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    I love the M4OHN, but if add the trenaplex also, watch out for prog/prol sides as my nips start getting puffy off the M4OHN if I don't get enough vit B6 and I would think the Trenaplex (which I assume is a progestin) might exacerbate the problem.

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