Our mission

  1. Our mission

    I believ ethat somewhere along the line the mission of those who answer questions for people on this board has become clouded. People seem to be thinking that we are talking because we like to hear ourselves talk or just spouting off useless knowledge. I am stating in this post MY REASON for answering peoples questions. I have some knowledge of endicrononlogy. It is a hobby and i have some people who are very close to me who are very high up in the bodybuilding game. I have taken biochem courses(Grove city College) and anabolic pharmacology courses(U of Phoenix online). I answer peoples questions not as aprescription or a doctor but as one who undrerstands the bodiliy systems and has an OPINION about how things should be done with exgenous hormones. You can be as well informed as you like nobody knows everything about exogenous hormones. People every where with phds will give you different advice about how to use them. I have done a lot of reading. A little bit of using and I know that my scientific knowledge is sound. NO ONE HAS TO TAKE WHAT I SAY AS GOSPEL. HELL YOU DONT EVEN HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME. Just realize I and hopefully everyone else on here who answers questions does so for the questioners health and well being in what they deem the best manner possible. Lets be cool with each other guys.

  2. Damn good idea maggmaster.. I knew I liked your posts for a reason

  3. Your wish is my command.
    OK, Ill quite telling people to jerk off with the trandermals.

    I was kinda likeing the Information MoshPit thingy that was going on. It kinda forces people to prove(try and prove) there theories by submitting research. I love research if its non-biased organizations claiming it.
    Dont show me a healthy livings article about steroid abuse and say it say right here steroids are not good for you. I know ive been butting heads with some but Ill try and knock it off for you kinder folk. Like most other here Ive spent years in college and Im still working on my masters. Research is the name of the game in higher education. If you can think it, its probably been researched and documented. Just look for it.

    Good post Magg,


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