hey guys, im going to put in an order for some new supps because im leaving for China soon and am worried that i wont find anything while im there (if anyones actually been there you can correct me on this one), im looking at two websites, each having clones of Epi and Halo (i would like to get a clone of each) my question is that one site has CEL's H-drol (which i trust and have used before), and the other has Fast Action-s H-drol, but when i look at the label FastAction's has a different chemical compound (polydehydrogenated, polyhydroxylated halomethetioallocholane) my question is, is this the same compound in the original Halo, just with a different name?Im a physics major, not chem so i have not idea. As for an Epi clone, im looking to buy Anabolic Formulations Epi-max. If you have any opinioins on this company/product thatd be awsome. I also plan on getting some more CEE and Ergo-pharm's All-in-One. An anwser to the Halo question would be very helpful, but if you have any other critiques for my purchase, please feel free to input! Thanks!!