8 weeker

  1. 8 weeker

    guna start an 8 weeker in like a month 5 week phera and last 4 weeks halo. dosing phera 10/20/30/30/20 and halo 25/50/50/50. what u guys think?

  2. Do you notice doses that low? For me 30 PP was good but i got used to it quickly, and 50 Halo wasn't really noticable.

    If i were to run the two I would do
    PP 30/30/45/30
    Halo 0/0/0/50/75/100/100

    I need higher doses but i admit thats a heavy cycle. If you get anything out of 20 PP and 25-50 Halo I don't see what's wrong with it. 8 weeks is a while but those doses are pretty low.

    What are your stats and PH experience?

  3. 5 10. 200 Lb, very low bf. diet is perfect. done sd b4 and an epol pulse.

    maybe ill do the phera 20/30/40/40 and halo 25/50/50/75. i only got 90 of the 10mg phera and 60 25mg halos

  4. 8 weeks is a little lengthy to be on back to back oral compounds. 4 weeks is plenty. if you want to stack phera and halo, run two weeks phera, 2 weeks Halo. or, in my opinion, you'll probably get more out of running one of those products standalone. the benefits of orals tend to peak around the 3rd or 4th week, then gains tend to wear off while sides continue. your liver may regenerate itself but i'd be afraid of taxing my lipids too heavily. phera is also harsh on androgenic sides.

  5. im thinkin now doing 20/30/40/30 for phera and overlaping the 4th week starting the halo at 50 for 4 weeks. making it a 7 weeker

  6. i did my first long oral only cycle. 8 weeks of epidrol from 30mg-80mg. I went back down and stayed at 50-60mg most of the cycle. I think it helped me to drop the doses down on off days and i would take an occasional 1 day totally off each week sometimes. I didnt feel like this was had any bad effects but more like let me stay on longer and not get sides. Now this was my exp. and with a different compound so dont take it as advice. Just letting you know.


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