Thoughts on P-plex/Sdrol/Havoc stack??

  1. Thoughts on P-plex/Sdrol/Havoc stack??

    Have a couple thoughts on a run with these compounds used together.
    I have some experience with these types of compounds, although the last run I had was using M1T quite a few years ago. First run with it, had decent results with little to no sides....
    Second run with it I had real trouble with the sides and quit it early, which is why I still have a bottle laying around somewhere.
    The lethargy killed me!! Hoping for better results this time.

    Where I am at and what I am looking for:
    - 6' 230lbs @15%bf
    - Looking to get lean gains on this.
    I don't mind not gaining 20lbs including all the usual water weight and fat that comes with it. And I am not looking to drop 20lbs either and losing precious muscle.

    I would be ecstatic with a 10lb lean mass gain, keeping most of it.
    Whether that be gaining 10lbs without upping the BF% or gaining 5lbs and dropping a couple BF% points, I would be very happy with either result.

    So anyway, here is what I have to work with.
    Keep in mind that liver protection during, and post cycle therapy after is already set, no issues there at all. Just trying to figure out the best and safest way to run these orals together.

    P-plex weeks 1-5, with weekly breakdown
    15mg/30mg/30mg/30mg/30mg/15mg per day

    Sdrol weeks 5-9, with weekly breakdown
    15mg/30mg/30mg/30mg/30mg/15mg per day

    Havoc pulsed throughout

    Leading into post cycle therapy for usual 3 weeks.

    -Now I know this is a long run on orals, but dosing is not outrageous, and hoping they would not be too hard on the liver combining them

    Or I could run the P-plex and sdrol, and save the havoc for a seperate cycle after taking a break.

    Any ideas/advice/results that would help would be appreciated.

    EDITED to be more clear....

    Thanks in advance!!

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  3. That is an extremely heavy cycle, already arguably too heavy on the liver. Save the Havoc for another time. Consider dropping the Sdrol a week or two earlier.

  4. i would ditch either the PP or SD and stack the other with epi. Way too much stress on the liver.

  5. How about buying some propadrol and running this with the phera part of the cycle then bridge into the superdrol while dropping the prop and phera. This way you wouldn't be running two methyls at once and the prop will keep the phera drier. Definitely save the epi either way.

  6. Got liver?

    Take some time to learn some more, don't go so fast, you are exchanging your long term potential for a few short term gains... What a waste.


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