About to start my Epistane cycle (please help where you see I need it)

  1. About to start my Epistane cycle (please help where you see I need it)

    Waiting for my purchase of 2 bottles of Epistane to come in. I figure I will start on the week of Xmas.

    I am 5'8 and weigh 175, I was on Enth over the summer and got my weight up to 190 lbs, my bench at max was 285 for 8, I never do 1 set anymore as it messes me up. Currently I can do 285 for 5 so my strength is still there somewhat. My question is if I ran a 4 week cycle of Epistane would I regain any of my weight and strength? I have more Enth for April so I think this 8 week duration (4 weeks PCT) will be perfect. I am hoping to get back about 10 pounds and my strength to what it was. Does this seem doable? I have never used an OTC steroid before I have used the real stuff but I would like to give this a shot ecspecially since I got gyno from a long time ago and I am very self conscience about it. From what I have read it seems like this will help me. Can someone give me the negative side of this and why I shouldn't do this? I read up on it and I am pumped to do it but it seems to good to be true.

    I will use this thread once I begin my cycle.

  2. Using a methyl steroid is your choice. Yes, epistane is a mild steroid, but it is still an oral steroid. Make sure you take all precautions (liver protection/lipid control). You can take a look at my epistane/dhea cycle - rothyman's epistane/dhea log

    Expect decent gains, but everyone is different. I slacked in the gym during my PCT, so I will be running another cycle soon.

    good luck

  3. Some good info by Neoborn:

    Neoborn's Epistane FAQ - Q and A baby!

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    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
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  4. 1. If you were up to 190 and now back down to 175 the question is why the drop in weight.

    2. I think that if you cannot keep the weight you put on your problems lie in your diet / routine / rest so you will need to fix these first.

    3. I would highly recommend using quality support supps like Cycle Support and Post Cycle Support by Anabolic Innovations.

    4. Read , read and research some more.

    Amor Est Vitae Essentia,


  5. Neo, I pulled my neck and that kept me out of commission for 3 weeks and then I got the flu which is another week. My post cycle therapy from the summer wasn't the best, I did not use HCG which was my biggest downfall, I was only on Nolvadex, which clearly wasn't strong enough. I was down to about 182 (loss of 8 pounds) until I got the flu and that just finished me off. Diet is good, could add more greens but overall my diet is solid. Done my research and am curious to see what Epistane will do for me, I will be logging my results beginning on Monday. Post Cycle will consist of Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 as it is a mild steroid.

  6. Good job man and thanks for replying.

    Amor Est Vitae Essentia,



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