Another T1pro but maybe with winny this time

  1. Question Another T1pro but maybe with winny this time

    hey bro's

    it is looking as though i will be doing another ph cycle pretty quick here. i have my t1pro/nolva/clen/ect.. on its way here and will probably run it for 40 days @6ml a day like i did in my last cycle... but i have a friend who has some winny left over from his last cutting cycle and was wondering what you guys thought about me running it.. like if it is worth while(i can pick the tabs up pretty cheap) and if i should run it eod for the full length of my ph cycle or if i should run it ED for the last half of my cycle?? either way it would be at 50mg but i would like some opinions to see what yall think.

    weeks 1-6 t1pro @ 6ml/day
    weeks 4-6 winny @ 50mg/ed


    weeks 1-6 t1pro @ 6ml/day
    weeks 1-6 winny @ 50mg/eod

    or should i just save my money and stick to the ph alone? any input would be great.

  2. thanks for moving it matt.. i wasn't sure weather it should be here or in the ph section..

  3. rule of thumb for me.. it it mentions gear, then the steriod forum it goes I would try to help you with the winny but that is not one I have experience with..

  4. I like #1, but winny 3-6

  5. I like #2 if you add some milke thistle and/or ALA to it for liver support.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  6. #1 is better take winny for 4 weeks though at 50mg ed. You will love it!

  7. my bro who has the winny wants a lil more then i am gonna pay for it at the moment so i am gonna drop the winny for now anyway and just go with 8ml a day of t1pro for 4 weeks and if i have some cash b4 my 4 weeks is up i will get another bottle and make it 8 weeks at 8 mil and then maybe run the winny for the last 4 weeks... but thus far i am just doing the t1 pro@ 8ml a day... i will make a new thread and put it in the ph section to track my progress.

  8. 2 weeks of winny is worthless.

  9. Originally posted by size
    2 weeks of winny is worthless.
    2 weeks probably would be worthless... but i don't recall anyone talking about doing 2 weeks of winny. my first post i was tryin to decide between 3 or 6 weeks and if u read any further u would see that i will either do 4 weeks or not at all. but thanks for your help anyway

  10. Originally posted by Nicolai

    2 weeks probably would be worthless... but i don't recall anyone talking about doing 2 weeks of winny. my first post i was tryin to decide between 3 or 6 weeks and if u read any further u would see that i will either do 4 weeks or not at all. but thanks for your help anyway
    My mistake. That dam 3 is next to the 2 on my keyboard and I hit 2 instead of 3 maybe i should get a new keyboard.

    Winny for 3 weeks is worthless. any better?
    6 weeks of winny is good but eod is not optimal b/c the half life is short so your blood levels will peak and valley very often.

  11. haha... thats better size

    what do you think about 6 weeks of ed winny after 4 weeks on a ph cycle?? or should i just finish my ph cycle then take time off and start over?

  12. I am not much help with the ph department to be honest. reviews for the bdc stuff seem very good though. If you can take winny ed at 50mg for 6 weeks then that will be useful in conjunction with the ph cycle. If you do not have that much winny, one possibility is to take 50mg of winny on lifting days and 25mg on nonlifting days. I would combine the ph with the winny b/c winny by itself is not all that effective.
    good luck

  13. I'd go with #2 I think. Why not try and get whatever benefits you can from winny with 6 weeks. ALso as MB said, take your milk thistle and ALA and you should be good to go IMO.

  14. i am gonna see what i can scrape together and maybe get some winny to start for week 2 and run it for 6 ed.. or even get it on week 4 and still run it for 6.

  15. well ****... i was gonna make another thread but **** it.. i already started this one and it seems that i will be adding in some winny so it can stay here after all.

    k... i started my cycle on Aug 7 @ 192lbs

    i am puttin on about 9 ml a day so one bottle should last me almost 4 weeks

    thus far i have not noticed too much change other then the fact that i can sleep longer if i let myself. not sure if the ph has contributed but i have had 2 of my best workouts ever in the last week. i weighed myself yesterday and i was at 196lbs so i might have put on a bit of water.. but it does not look like it to me. that is about it for the first week and i will post more of what is comin up when i decide what i am gonna be doing for the rest of the cycle.

  16. well, i am up to 197 this morning and i just seem to look bigger... not sure where, but i just look larger then i had before (my shirts even seem to fit tighter). i am gonna work out pretty quick here and will post again if it is anything spectacular.

  17. 204lbs mid day should hit 206 tonight b4 bed

    things are going great... strength is up and i am eating like an animal. my training style has also changed and all of it is thanks to doggcrapp.


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