1. transdermals

    Hi guys as Ive said in my last post I have bought some 19nordione and have been told that it converts easilyto estrogen so I thought Id get some 19nordiol to run with it. The thing is I dont know whether to go for a transdermal avantlabs or ergopharm or ergopharms powder or caps. How much hastle are the transdermals, I know theyre better than the other methods of delivery but I cant help thinking that it sounds like alot of fluffing around. What do you guys think ?

  2. I honestly have to say that you should just cut your losses and hit up some t1 final or t1 pro and see what you think of it. 1-test is the way to go and I don't know if I'd wanna take any chances with the 19nor myself. Sell it off to somebody that thinks it works

  3. good advice heed the man with the good advice

  4. I still want to run 19nordiol as ive tried it before and was pleased with the gains and intensity it gave to my workouts. I take it T1 is a product from this sites shop Im in the UK so I wouldnt want to risk customs seizing it. Anyway wot I dont understand is why ppl that take 1test do just do real test surely the gains would be much better ? So back to the transermals are they a hastle to put on etc...?

  5. The test vs. 1-test thing is mostly a legality issue. 1-test is legal in the good ol US of A, and alot of people prefer to stick to legal stuff

  6. 1 test products are not illegal in the uk as far as i know, shops sell mag 10 and 1AD etc... i have ordered BDC transdermals from the membershop/power nutrition and i live in the uk, i have ordered other stuff from the usa too. Our customs rarely stop things getting through, they will charge you import taxes and vat tho if they check your package.

    if you do decide to order, ask them to mark the price down on the package label to $20 and put cosmetic's or food supplements as the discription. they only tax/charge you if the package has a value above 25.

    hope this helps.

  7. T-1 Final is a damn good product.


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