MTV True Life Question

  1. MTV True Life Question

    If any of you have seen the MTV True Life: I'm on Steroids, I have a question regarding the guy who is going for the Muscle Mag cover.

    He said he thought he had low test, so he went to get a prescription for Test. First, his before pics from college don't look like low test to me. Also, if he did get a script, how can he be taking cycle-like dosing? I have an idea, since he said he cycles:

    He gets his test by script, but says he is using it when he isn't and keeps getting refills, so he has a good stockpile for a cycle. Sounds like a good plan. Anyone have an coments on this?

  2. Don't Watch Mtv!

  3. This has been brought up many times here. This thread will prolly get shutdown like the others.

  4. LOL. Damn I need me some test.

  5. silly n3wb.

  6. It's pretty easy to get a script, myself and friends have. You pay more but who cares it's legal and you know it's good US ****. You just have to do bloodwork, physical and your good to go. PM me if you have any questions..If this is against forum rules, i appologize please delete...FLU


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