Help me to plan a 6 weeks Tbol cycle.THANKS

  1. Help me to plan a 6 weeks Tbol cycle.THANKS

    Hello everyone:
    i am planing to run a Tbol cycle next Jun.
    A lot of articles for tbol six weeks is the best lenght cuz people dont see any gains after week 5th.

    I plan to run 60mg-80mg / day
    and PCT might use Novla 40mg tapper to 10mg for 4 weeks
    should i use Colmid instead?

    any suggestion to stack with other PH or STEROID(oral only)
    i am thinking to stack with var or Epi but not sure which one is better.
    PS my PH history are one 1ad cycle and one Epi cycle

  2. bump thanks

  3. what is your goal?

    how big are you?

    I believe people said 60mg+ is kinda overkill with tbol....i cant advise ive never used it.

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