4-ad and water retension

  1. 4-ad and water retension

    Has anyone had a lot of water retnesion while on 4-AD? I've been on One+ for four days and am 5lbs heavier and feel very bloated. Has anyone else bloated this much?

  2. Thats normal. Just let it do its thing.
    If you feel uncomfortable, you might consider taking an anti-e. But, this would also hinder some of yoru gains.

  3. Talking

    Thanks, I thought it was normal. I just feel like crap with the bloat. Now I know why women can be so bitchy

  4. Originally posted by Patuba
    Now I know why women can be so bitchy
    Oh Patuba, if only it was that simple, right?!

    Anyway, yeah you'll get some bloating with 4-AD, no worries.



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