Ankle 3 weeks out of plaster. Will starting cycle help my leg recover faster?

  1. Ankle 3 weeks out of plaster. Will starting cycle help my leg recover faster?

    My ankle came out of plaster 3 weeks ago (broke both bones so got a couple of pins, a plate and a few screws holding everything together now)

    I am now at the stage where I can train again. I've had to drop my squats down by 30kg and still have a bit of tightness in my ligaments that stops me doing ass to the floor squats.

    Calf raises I can't do at all with weight as seem to of lost all the strength in the muscles in the bottom of my foot. Other than that though I am training normally now.

    Got a bit of swelling and stiffness still but this doesn't cause much pain.

    Am I correct in thinking starting my winter cycle now should help my weakened leg / ankle recover nice and quick? Just wanted to check this as would hate to inhibit / slow recovery in any way!


  2. Steroids strengthen muscle more than it strengthens connective tissue and bone, doing a cycle to help your leg is a bad idea.

  3. Is it not weakened muscle that would be my main problem now though? It's out of plaster so the bone is healed. Not so bothered about the slight stiffness as that is getting better quick anyway, as long a cycle wouldn't stop it healing properly or anything.

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