Best Prohormone for my situation

  1. Best Prohormone for my situation

    I have done a couple superdrol cycles, well I am sick of the lower back pumps and joint issues.

    So I was wondering if there was a prohormone that was still legal, clones are fine. That would meet the following requirements.

    1. Leaves system some what fast, 3-4 weeks tops before I could pass a drug test

    2. No crippling lower back pumps

    3. No dry joints

    4. is good for strength

    5. can be pulsed for a fairly long amount of time while remaining relativley safe.

    I know this is basicaly a spoon feeding, but I realy do appriciate any help you can give me. I have been doing alot of looking around and just cant seem to find all the information Im looking for.

    I would rather not spend 5 hours reading through logs and old threads to find the information if one of you already knows the answer and would be kind enough to type it up for me.

    Thanks again.


  2. Epi would probably be your best choice.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  3. i had some dry joints after a few weeks of epi...could be cause i used a higher dose tho. Cissus and Glucosamine helped out.

    I would say pheraplex but i dont think it would be that good pulsed.

  4. not pulsed, halo would probably be best on sides and joints. Like stated before, get yourself some super cissus.

  5. Halo and Phera-plex are good for this? And the super cissus stuff should help cover joint problems.

    If I was going to use both for say a 8 week cycle what would be the best way to do it?

    4 weeks h-drol and then 4weeks P-Plex?

    Pulse them both at once for 8 weeks?

    What would you guys suggest?

    Since Im useing 2 different kinds of pro-hormones could I work something out so I could run a 10 week cycle? Of course I would be useing a anti E the whole time and something to keep my liver healthy.

    Again, thanks for your help guys. I have been looking into Phera-plex and halodrol for a while now and just couldnt find enough info on them to make the decision.

  6. 6 weeks tops, and definitely bridge them, i'm just not sure how to. Also, add in cycle support by Anabolic innovations for liver and overall health care during and after cycle.

  7. Crea-1tin-alpha-omega-delta-E is the BEST!

    Seriously, EPI or Furazadrol would be good. But I have to say, sides will come no matter what, and may be more apparent within each user. Some people just cannot take oral PH/PS's because of the same sides that you describe.

    Regardless, Good Luck!

  8. Out of the 4 Matt picked u could make great gains in LBM with low sides.


  9. As far as joint issues, it is my understanding that wet compounds such as m14ad, phera, Dbol ect. will be less harsh on joints.But I have no personal experience with these compounds.Also def look into running some cissus and,or glucosamine and chondroitin along your cycle of whatever you choose.As these will help in any case imo. good luck

  10. i think an epithio product with joint support (cissus) would be the best option here.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jasonschaffin View Post
    Havoc/epi compound wreaks havoc on the joints, but is best for pulsing.

  12. Alright, thanks guys!

    Since Im here, anyone know of any good PCT Supps that wont show up on a drug test

    Or at least anyone know of any PCT supplements that they know how long will stay in your system?

    I mine as well have the steroids show up on the test if I am useing a banned substance on the pct ya know?
  13. Exclamation

    Dude what's this drug test for? Because just about all the designers can cause a false positive test for steroids. It's on most of the warning labels.


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