Clomid & Aromasin or Nolvadex??

  1. Clomid & Aromasin or Nolvadex??

    Ok for m-drol/superdrol clone im reading clomid & aromasin are better for post cycle therapy than nolvadex. Others are saying using nolvadex with superdrol clone has an increased risk of gyno. is this something i should be concerned about??

    any feedback?

  2. Smile

    This is just my opinion others here much more knowledgable but yes superdrol/clone does have a higher chance of gyno than other ph such as epi haldrol. I would use Nolva(again that is the only one i have exp. with)but my understanding is Nolva helps with lipids and gyno issues. Superdrol is known to wreak havoc(no pun intended)on lipids and seems to have a higher rate of gyno than some of the other ph's.

    Those other pct compounds may also do the trick but you can't go wrong with the Nolva(if used properly)again you may get other opinions from others who have exp. with the other pct drugs and i will let them give you better info good luck

  3. Thing about an AI in PCT is that there's not enough testosterone to aromatase in the first place because the likes of Superdrol will shut you down nicely. AI during cycle and then if you like you can taper from a SERM to an AI in PCT.

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