Hope i'm doing this right

  1. Hope i'm doing this right

    Ok so heres a little story for all of ya.......I was reading AOL news the other day and seen that a few select individuals rhat are "masking" their auctions to sell gear like Dbol and Deca. The title of their auction was named something along the lines of "how to use steroids pamphlet".

    So i figured I'd check it out right, well i came across something else there on eBay...simply listed "STEROIDS-WINSTROL-DECA-ect". Ebay security must have not gotten to this listing yet. But either way, i checked out the listing. As noob as it sounds, so be it, but this place is selling gear at pretty absurd prices. Though it's quite obvious their a scammer and i don't intend on using them for a supplier. I was just curious if anyone has heard of them or even went ahead and ordered gear from them.

    Now here is my problem, I'm unsure how to go about naming the source so everyone knows what I'm talking about since eBay has now found the listing and it can't be found there anymore. If anyone can help me do this, I'd appreciate it....I don't want to piss any mods off or break any rules, if you catch my drift.

    As I'm only curious, if i have broken any rules with this post, feel free to delete it mods and i apologize.

  2. I probally would just walk away from this one my friend. I appreciate your willingness to help us out - but not at a cost that will find you in hot water. Plus, if someone trys to buy gear from e b a y, then their sad in the first place.

  3. haha very true. i just found it very odd....whatever though. curiosity killed the cat i guess

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