Utilizing a single bottle of T-4

  1. Utilizing a single bottle of T-4

    4ad-only cycles appeal to me. I did a 3 week, high-dosed oral cycle of 4ad alone recently, and gained 7 lbs, and felt wonderful the whole time.

    I also liked the relatively low shutdown of the short cycle. So anyways, one bottle of T-4 yields 12g of 4-ad, which sounds like a good bet for a two week cycle, with quick recovery time. Is my logic okay here?

    Has anybody else made substantial gains off a very short 4ad-only cycle like mentioned? And would low doses of nolva be sufficient to get myself back to normal after a mild cycle?

  2. you should try it as a 4 week cycle at 8 ml a day I would almost guarantee youde like it. You may want to run something for the bloat and you definitely need something for post cycle so keep that in mind when planning price.

  3. hemotep
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    Im doing a 4 week cycle of 850mg/day. I was pretty happy at the two week point and my gains have slowed a pretty good bit since. So I'd think 12g in two weeks would be nice.

  4. Just for sh!ts 'n' grins, could you elaborate on what your gains were at 2 weeks?
  5. hemotep
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    About 7lbs, not much fat, but some.

  6. petefoxx did a 1800mg a day oral 4ad cycle, he said he has nuthin but love for it...

  7. Well, no sense stalling, time to order up a bottle of t4 and some nolva. Thanks for the input.


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