Stopped T1-pro mid cycle, advise needed!

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    Stopped T1-pro mid cycle, advise needed!

    I stopped my t1-pro cycle early because of a gym injury. I was planning to go 5wks,but abruptly stopped at wk2. I have half the bottle. What should I do? save it for the next cycle.
    Should I post cycle since its only been 2wks?
    How long of a layoff must I go until I re-start this cycle again. The doctor said my injury should heal in 3wks. I'm so pissed.

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    Bro, 3 wks is plenty of time off with only two weeks completed. I'd stop the cycle then start back up when you shoulder is good to go. You don't need any post cycle, 2 weeks won't really shut you down. Later J

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