Odd Side Effects?

  1. Odd Side Effects?

    I am currently taking Super One+ with Boldione, I got this stack from my buddy who dropped the coin on it and didn't want to use it. But I have been on the stack for lil' over one week now. And I was with my girlfriend for the last two nights, and I couldn't maintain an hard-on and if I did for awhile. I couldn't get my load off, is this a standard side effect of this? Or is there a way to fix it up?

  2. This is a possibility and a common side effect. Most recommend using more 4ad to combat the side effects of 1 test (lethargy, and libido). Just try using a splint, that will keep it up. I know some have taken other stuff to help with libido too. I will let them chime in.

  3. What would be a recommended dosage for 1-AD in a day to combat the side effects? Perhaps 100 mg?

  4. It really depends upon the person. Some can take 1-test and have no problems whatsoever, others will be hit big time by libido and lethargy problems. Most recommend 2 to 1 or more for 1test to 4 ad like in T1pro. But if you are getting it with super one plus which is about the opposite ratio 2 to 1 4ad to 1test, you may just need to take something else with it or just bear the side effects.

  5. 1-asd will not help 4 ad will help

  6. Hope you got a long tongue lol

  7. Besides 4AD is there anything else avaiable in Canada or is 4AD about it?

    Perhaps I should go into a walk-in clinic and tell them what is happening? Besides the whole super one+ and boldione

  8. Can you get viagra?

  9. Probably wouldnt help the problem is not with blood flow its with desire viagra increases blood flow


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