Blood Tests for PHs and T3

  1. Blood Tests for PHs and T3

    Okay guys, a few weeks ago I started a small cycle to aid in cutting. I had gained a good amount of strength over the summer, but also let go a little due to poor diet. So I wanted to cut my bodyfat back to more desirable levels. I didnt have a remotelt accurate way to measure the BF levels, but one of those handheld thingys said 14.3%. I think it was wrong, but wanted to cut back so as to see a little shape on my core area. Abs, ha, not likely as I have quite a lot of loose skin that will always make it very difficult. (Until I have some money to have the surgery).

    So, I embarked on a M-TRN (generic labz) and MethylDrol XT (SNS s-drol clone) cycle, with liquid T3 being run throughout M-XT.

    I had blood tests run in e last week of my cycle, but never picked them up. The doctor called me to say he wants to test again because my calcium levels were high. Looked it up, webmd says could be a possible sign of overactive thyroid (ya don't say? I wonder why...)

    Perfect. So I get to test again, this time at end of post cycle therapy.

    I will pick up the old test and display the numbers, and then follow up with the new numbers once they are in.

    hopefully I will be recovered to more normal levels.

  2. that sounds like a sick recomp, albiet some serious supression with trn/sd...i ran methyl-masterdrol (sd) with orastan-e and shredded up nicely whilst gaining weight

  3. okay here are the results from the first test, last week of cycle:

    total cholesterol 103 L 125-200 mg/ml
    HDL 6 L > or = 40 mg/ml
    LDL 82 < 130 mg/ml
    Chol/HDLC ratio 17.2 H <or=5.0

    calcium 10.3 H 8.6-10.2 mg/ml
    AST 42 H 10-40 U/L

    so it obviously screwed my HDL lipids pretty badly, while my LDL stayed intact. Everything not listed was in proper range. Test did not show testosterone or estrogen. Doc would not test that for me. Oh well.

    PCT results will be in on friday! hopefully I will bounce back. I felt good the whoe time, minus some sides when the T3 was high - loss of energy, some abdominal pains, hot as balls.

    This just shows how a TRN/SDrol cycle will **** with your body. Oh, the things we do for results.


  4. It would have been nice to see how the TRN effected you, becasue SD is known to mess with your lipids.

    REALLY great information though. There is a blood test results thread somewhere with results from other designer cycles.. This should be included.
    I will search for it

  5. goods looks brother

    yeah I believe most of the damage was done by the superdrol. The only pure TRN lipids I have seen were from an old thread either from Ryansm or gotripped. I would have liked to see pure number for just the TRN as well, but I hadnt thought about it, so maybe next time around. Shame people had mixed resultswith it, I like the strength without mass I get from it.



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