mdrol cycle ending

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  1. mdrol cycle ending

    i ended a 3 week mdrol cycle a few weeks back.3 weeks at 20/30/40 mg.after those 3 weeks i went to a pulse style cycle.3 times aweek at 20 mg for 2 weeks so far.strength has stayed .also weight has stayed at or above 205.height is 5ft 9in.gained 10lbs so far.just trying something different.has anybody tried this method or have any comments?

  2. that seems a bit excessive to me. and suppressive. 3 weeks of M-Drol, especially at those particular doses, seems very potent. have you noticed any testicular atrophy or libido loss? are your gains still coming or have they leveled off? personally i think you're better off entering post cycle therapy mode as of now and continuing at a later date.

  3. libido

    i did notice a little testicular atrophy but no libido lost.i wasn,t thinking about sex alot but when it was avail i was ready.gains have leveled off.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by lild View Post
    i did notice a little testicular atrophy but no libido lost.i wasn,t thinking about sex alot but when it was avail i was ready.gains have leveled off.
    with superdrol gains will typically peak around weeks 2-3. anything more than that seems counterproductive to me and a waste of $$$. as i said, i'd start your PCT now and call it a good cycle. don't tax your system any further with the Superdrol compound. let your body recover then give it another go around in a couple months if you liked it that much. how's your BP and cholesterol?
  5. bp

    haven't had them tested since starting but they were good before cycle.i feel fine no head aches or anything.thanks for the advice and it sounds good.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by lild View Post
    haven't had them tested since starting but they were good before cycle.i feel fine no head aches or anything.thanks for the advice and it sounds good.
    definitely get your blood work done. you can't feel your lipids. good luck man.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by lild View Post
    i ended a 3 week mdrol cycle a few weeks back.3 weeks at 20/30/40 mg.after those 3 weeks i went to a pulse style cycle.3 times aweek at 20 mg for 2 weeks so far.strength has stayed .also weight has stayed at or above 205.height is 5ft 9in.gained 10lbs so far.just trying something different.has anybody tried this method or have any comments?
    20/30/40? Very big mistake. If you're big enough, which you're not, you might want to do 30mg on the last week, but other than that, you should never have gone that high with your doses. You probably would have seen the same results with 20/20/20, and less side effects. You only have so many test receptors anyway, so why take more than you can use?

    And you started pulsing right after that? I'm sorry, that just doesn't make any sense.

    In my opinion, and experience, never cycle Superdrol for more than 3 weeks, period. Doesn't matter if you're pulsing or just cycling ED.

  8. thanks for your thoughts but mdrol couldn,t be any more toxic than abombs.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by lild View Post
    i ended a 3 week mdrol cycle a few weeks back.3 weeks at 20/30/40 mg.after those 3 weeks i went to a pulse style cycle.3 times aweek at 20 mg for 2 weeks so far.strength has stayed .also weight has stayed at or above 205.height is 5ft 9in.gained 10lbs so far.just trying something different.has anybody tried this method or have any comments?
    Why the hell did you start a pulse after a cycle? Doing a pulse when your shutdown makes NO sence whatsoever!!
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  10. Quote Originally Posted by TripDog View Post
    Why the hell did you start a pulse after a cycle? Doing a pulse when your shutdown makes NO sence whatsoever!!
    Exactly.. The whole point of pulsing is to avoid the degree of shutdown you'd expect with an ED cycle.

  11. pulse after the ed cycle is just something i am experiminting with .i quess you could compare it to the old method of tapering down gear at the end of a far it is working good,as you know everybody is different.i am slowly pulse/tapering to allow myself time to reqain its nature function on its own.i,m newer to this ph scene but i do have alot of time into the gear game.learned alot from the dr.d pulse thread and this is why i wanted to try this method.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by lild View Post
    thanks for your thoughts but mdrol couldn,t be any more toxic than abombs.
    It wouldn't surprise me if alot of the designers are more toxic than anadrol. Anadrol was actually perscribed in large doses for long periods of time. Superdrol and other designers where not. Anadrol has been used for 6 months at a time under dr supervision so I'd feel safer running anadrol. As for pulsing after a cycle I agree with trip that it doesn't make sense. The idea of pulsing is to make recovering easier and give the body a break. No sense pulsing now because you are already shut down. Pulsing is not going to allow levels to return to normal. The last 3 weeks you have only maintained because your taking enough gear to do so. I personally wouldn't consider it succesful. If you wanted to keep going you should of kept running it at 20mgs for 6 straight. Would of been way more effective. Of coarse most won't recommend superdrol at 6 weeks. I think the best thing to do now is start pct and try to maintain what you've gained.

  13. thanks for the info .

  14. Quote Originally Posted by lild View Post
    pulse after the ed cycle is just something i am experiminting with .i quess you could compare it to the old method of tapering down gear at the end of a far it is working good,as you know everybody is different.i am slowly pulse/tapering to allow myself time to reqain its nature function on its own.i,m newer to this ph scene but i do have alot of time into the gear game.learned alot from the dr.d pulse thread and this is why i wanted to try this method.
    Regardless, the length of time you'd be taking the compound would be way too long.

    I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but it would definitely be a wise decision for you to do a little more research before you decide to try something unorthodox when it comes to such compounds.

  15. don't worry about being "mean" my feelings don't get hurt by words.5 weeks is not that bad and i did do my research. 10 yrs ago they were saying that abombs cause liver cancer even though doctors were giving them out to aids patients.everyone is different and something as simple as i did may turn out to work great for me but bad for someone else.i didn't force my thinking on anyone.but i do have alot of years under my belt and more exp than some that made comments. i was just curious to whom else may have tried this method.i was just being polite when i said thanks for the info,was not looking to get flamed by people who don't even remember the ug or the renegade.
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  21. You two shut up
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  22. Am I the only one seeing these weird ass posts by Lalaniamb and Gealfoccago? What's the deal with those weird letters? I've been seeing posts like these popping up lately, and I am completely confused? Anyone able to fill me in on what's being said there, or how to decipher them?
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  24. Quote Originally Posted by diablosho View Post
    Am I the only one seeing these weird ass posts by Lalaniamb and Gealfoccago? What's the deal with those weird letters? I've been seeing posts like these popping up lately, and I am completely confused? Anyone able to fill me in on what's being said there, or how to decipher them?
    Its russian you can go on (google translate) and translate there crap ehh its crap lmao im sure they use a different ip so they dont care if they get banned or whateva...

  25. So what, is it spam or something? That's the only time I ever see any russian is when my email inbox is filled with that gobblygook.
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