interesting read

  1. interesting read

    anyone think these are kinda low?

  2. Ahhh, not this old dribble again. They are low, but it is a school of thought that some people have. Others feel very high dosages and short cycles are key, it is all a matter of opiniuon, and how your body reacts

  3. Now I'm not advocating massive doses of juice, but just because a genetic freak could achieve that calibur of physique with low dose AAS, does not mean that he has got the key to growth. Everyone is different and will respond differently to different doses.

    Keep in mind, you've got Palumbo advocating no less than 750mg/wk of Test under any circumstances. Who knows...just be safe, be informed, take precautions and get regular bloodwork.

    BTW...I have a friend that has used a gram of test a wk + other **** and experienced minimal growth, following a strict diet and training his ass off. I also have a friend who takes a little primo and winny and looks like he could step on the stage 10wks into his cycle.

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