transdermal mix overload?

  1. Question transdermal mix overload?

    hey dudes, mixed what i had at the house last night. (2) bottles of t-gel + 16oz of the homebrew recipe. mixed a little reluctantly but i thought ok. put 10gms 1,4ad in 240ml/8oz bottles #1, mixed see through clear. you can see an upper half & lower half today but little shake looks very good. however, same 240ml bottle of mix base with 15gms (i know) 1-test looking pretty "blizzardy" & clear homebrew? seperates to the top half. will shaking this do the trick? but the worst of all (of course) 15 (yes) 15gms 4ad in same mix that was allowed to rest in very hot water bath for several minutes looks pretty grainy. should (can) i add say 4 oz more homebrew & recalculate dosage? any experience greatly appreciated as usual. good evening bros.

  2. With the gels, the only real method of helping to further dissolve the solute is mixing it.  Heating the gel doesn't help much as far as dissolving is concerned, but it will help some.  Liquid, aka sprays, on the other hand, react VERY well to heating of the solution and will result in better solubility of the solute.

    I would never recommend going above 12g of 4-AD per 8oz bottle.  The 4-AD is very difficult to get into solution. 

    Adding more 'homebrew' gel to the 4-AD solution would seem to help, but it could cause the entire bottle of gel to crash, depending upon how well you homebrew and what chems you are using in comparison to the T-Gels chems. 

    In the future you'll want to slowly add ph/aas to the solution and thus ensure that it will be completely dissolved.  Or you could buy pre-made brews from someone like me! 



    If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask/e-mail me!

  3. does the 4ad ever run "clear" it seems to have kind of stabilized to a milky white solution. the bottle with the 1-test appears to keep "settling".hard to tell, the t-gel was a thick white lotion where as the homebrew was a clear thin liquid. almost looks like the 1-test & the t-gel (or part of the t-gel) settle from the homebrew?

  4. are u guys saying that the T-gel is supposed to be clear? or the homebrew?

    my T-gel was non-transparent from the beginning. so i couldn't tell if it was dissolved or not by looking at it.
    the best i can say is that it doesn't ever dry funny or powdery, its been going on pretty good for the past few days. and if their is too much 4AD powder in solution, eventhough its dissloved, will it make the whole bottle "crash"? or fall out of solution?

    whats the deal on this bros, cuz i think i might have added like 15 or so grams of 4AD by accident instead of only 12-13.

    any help is great....

  5. surely it would still "work". like i said my 4ad is staying in the fluid seemingly more consistent than the 1-t.

  6. T-gel is a milky color and not transparent. The use of some thickening agents may make it appear different from a homebrew recipe (such as carbomer and a few other goodies). What exact recipe did you use for homebrew Juilus?

  7. the original basic one posted on this site.

  8. I'm having a problem lately with this aswell, 15g seems to be too much..... For a while i had no problem with 10g 1-test and 5g 4-ad per bottle but now it's not fully dissolving anymore...... Don't know why it did before and now it doesn't, only difference is powder (came from 1fast rather than chemo) but he'd have high quality powder aswell.

  9. dunno, my 4ad is looking "stable". it's a consistent looking solution at least. my 15 gms of 1-test keeps seperating into multiple layers. the 10gms of 1,4 ad looks beautiful.


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