What is causing my Libido issues?

  1. What is causing my Libido issues?

    Hi Everyone,

    I'll give you a little background on what I've run this year.

    Mid May to August =

    50mg Halodrol wk1-4
    500mg Test E wk 1-10
    Wk 11 HGC @500iu eod
    Wk 13-18 Clomid for 10 days followed by Nolva for another 4 weeks.
    Also used Aromasin throughout cycle and 2 weeks into post cycle therapy.

    Felt well recovered after post cycle therapy and Libido was fine.

    Mid September =

    Started Albuterol as fancied dropping some BF

    I did 4 weeks on @ 8-10mg ed

    Two week break

    November =

    Started Albuterol with Lean Extreme

    Dosing Albuterol @ 12mg ed
    Dosing LX @ 2caps pre bed

    I've a feeling it's the Albuterol that is affecting my libido, as if I remember correctly this is when the issues started. I can still just about get an erection, I just have problems maintaining it. This never used to be a problem.

    Is it/ can it possibly be the Albuterol?

    Any opinions?

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