1-Test cycle question

  1. 1-Test cycle question

    I am considering doing a cycle of 1-test and I wanted some opinions on the benefits of stacking it with 4-AD. Does the 4-AD really add anything from a muscle building perspective? I am not really concerned about the loss of libido, but I am concerned about the bloating that alot of people seem to complain of with 4-AD.

    Also, has anyone experienced hairloss on 1-test that WASN'T already balding or genetically predisposed?

    Thx for the opinions and thx to the admins for a great forum!

  2. Bro if you don't use 4ad lethargy will be a big problem. I get hardly any bloat with this use of 4ad. Seriously keep it in the cycle. Later J

  3. Thanks for the advice J. Anyone else?

  4. Hey if yer gonna go for it might as well toss some 1,4 andro in there to eh?

  5. I went strictly 1-Test for my last "cycle",lethargy kicked in nothing that really affected me. Libido? never affected it at all...I think it's an individual thing. I didn't get big from it either.....and I am cutting but it did seem to help preserve strength and LBM while my bodyfat was shrinking.

  6. I have a full head of hair and 1-test caused quite a bit off hair loss although it doesn;t seem to be visible - now. Anxiety may have caused some of it because I was constantly fidgiting with my hair, looking for hairs on my comb, towel, pillow etc..

    Looking at the number of posts you have, you should check out Dio's threads on bb.com and here as well.


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