Blood work after 4 week Epistane/trenadrol cycle

  1. Blood work after 4 week Epistane/trenadrol cycle

    Just thought i'd share some of the #'s i got back after my recent cycle

    6'1'' 210lbs 12%bf 21yo

    Epithin-E 20/30/40/40
    Trenadrol: 3/6/6/9

    post cycle therapy:
    Nolva: first 3 days 60mg, then 40/30/20 (3-weeks total)
    Blue up: 4 caps per day
    E-form: (started day 7 of post cycle therapy) 50/100/50/25 (2.5 weeks total)

    Blood work was taken 4 days after PCT ended

    these are not all the #'s but some...

    Total T: 400 (250-1100)
    Free T %: 1.83% (1.5-2.2%)
    Free test: 73.1 (35-155)
    Estradiol: 29 (13-54)
    Prolactin: 11.2 (2-18) ... used cabergoline for a few days prior
    AST: 23 (10-40)
    ALT: 27 (9-60
    LH: 8.2 (1.5-9.3)
    FSH: 1.6 (1.6-8.0)
    TSH: 1.7 (0.4-4.5)
    Creatinine: 1.4 (.5-1.3) ... only elevated test, prob from creatine

  2. I don't have numbers to compare but as long as everything checks out normal i'm happy

  3. cool deal! you probably should also add what your gains were like

  4. lol yeah that might be nice... it was a cutting/recomp cycle, ended up gaining 4lbs and dropping 2%BF... strength went up roughly 20lbs on compound lifts

    Sides weren't bad till the last week... libido was way up till final week at 9mg of trenadrol, then dropped like a rock, i also got moody and felt kinda depressed during the last week

    vascularity and dryness were the best atributes of this stack

  5. Thanks for posting. Always good to see bloodwork results.

  6. the best thing on this test is the liver enzymes... they are low-midrange and i actually drank moderately a couple times during pct

  7. thanks for posting this.

  8. I would have expected the trenadrol to mess up your values more.

  9. Thanks for posting ur bloodwork Movin. How were ur lipids?

  10. My doc never ordered a lipid panel... not sure why? i didn't notice it til i walked into the clinic, oh well?!?

    i switched up LH and FSH... LH was high range and FSH was low range, so hopefully that means test levels are still on the rise if LH levels are high

    I also added Free Test levels which were 73.1 (35-155)

    also this test was taken 3.5 weeks after my cycle ended... usually i run a full 4 week PCT but decided to cut this one short b/c of how much nolva i had

    so chances are test levels were still on the rise and everything was still adjusting back to normal... i may get re-tested in another month since the doc didn't like that my creatinine levels were elevated but i dunno yet

  11. You can always find one of those cholesterol screenings at a grocery store or that sort of thing too. pity, donating blood only gives you total cholesterol

  12. Its good to see some bloodwork on Trenadrol. The first time I ran this I did a quick two weeker because my nuts were the size of small berries after the first week. Did you feel suppression creep in early on in this cycle?

  13. it didn't creep up on me that quickly, maybe after week 2 i noticed, but by the end of the cycle i definately had significant atrophy


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