Had my article published on T-Nation today!

  1. Had my article published on T-Nation today!


    Let me know what you all think!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by dhuge67 View Post
    Reps coming your way, nice work.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by dhuge67 View Post
    i think you should have asked him if steroids should be illegal for bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts to use, since we do not fall into the category of "athlete" or "child".

  4. Excellent read.

  5. Nicely done Huge!

  6. nice read
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  7. That was awesome. Bookmarking that and shoving it in people's faces when they say steroids are unhealthy for all people.
    Testosterone: In response to a study published in 2000, stating that usage of steroids among 8th graders had become as prevalent as it was among high school seniors, you were quoted as saying, "It's scary for anybody to use these drugs, but in particular women and children." Just to clarify, though, you do believe that a healthy male adult can potentially use anabolic steroids safely?

    Dr. Yesalis: It would be dishonest to answer "no."
    Again though great job.

  8. I can't get to it from work (behind a firewall) but congrats to ya.

  9. Congrats on your article.

  10. How much did they pay ya?


  11. Thanks for the comments everybody. I actually haven't been paid yet, but will be eventually. I'll let you know what I get, when I get it! haha

    Also, if you check out the Article Discussion page, there are more comments there about Dr. Yesalis and his "hard to interview" nature. There's also a link in the discussion to a video interview which reveals more of the "dual nature" of Yesalis.

    We usually only hear Yesalis from an "evil media" perspective, and it's because they butcher his comments to fit within the framework of whatever conclusion they have pre-determined for a "steroids story."

    Case in point, Jon Cena.

  12. Great read man, congrats on getting that published

  13. Quote Originally Posted by UnrealMachine View Post
    Great read man, congrats on getting that published
    Thanks UM, now post comments in the T-Nation thread to give me "reps" that way! lol

  14. Travis, appreciate the T-Nation post. Thanks man!


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