adding 1-4andro w/ T-1 Final

  1. adding 1-4andro w/ T-1 Final

    Well, I was all set to start my first cycle. Was going to run 1 squirt 2x daily of T-1 F got a bottle of formasin for any bloat and clo for post cycle. Ended up getting the flu just before I was going to start so I wont start it till this Mon. Got to thinking that this might be a little light even for a first cycle. Im thinking about running a bottle of 1-4andro with the T-1 F. (300mg ed starting on day 10 through 30. Only have to buy 1 bottle this way) Any opinions on this? Is this too heavy for a 1st timer or would it be beneficial?

  2. It depends on your goals. If you think you may have a hard time eating during your cycle the 1,4 may help. If you aren't concerned with that maybe up your dosage of the T1 Final instead. I believe any physical effects of 1,4 take around 3 weeks of use to start.

    Bumping for some of the know it alls.

  3. 1/4 is excellent fo r appetite but for a real anabolic effect you need to gop for 6 to 8 weeks, note that this is basedon anecdtotal evidence not on scientific reason. In my opinion there is no good reason boldenone should take that long to function but thats what people say.

  4. appetite has been an issue with me. Im coming off a pretty hard core cut and have upped my cals to just over maintenence and its been tough to eat that much. I was thinking that even 200mg ed of the 1-4andro would help me get the food down and give me some extra vascularity and pump at the same time. I think that Ill give it a shot. Even if it helps a little, so be it. Still gettin my feet wet with PHs so if this cycle ends up being light then I know to step it up next time. I value the opinion of this board though so if any of you scream "no dont do it, do this instead!" then Ill reevalute.

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