Cycle when you have low test to start?

  1. Cycle when you have low test to start?

    My test is low according to my labs- like 356....
    about to run
    500 TestE/11weeks

    is having lower test to start going to have a serious impact on my gains? Thinking about getting the doc to give me hormone replacement first, then start my cycle.

  2. Probably not, but it's going to ruin your ability to keep those gains. If it were me, (and it was at one point) I'd get your HRT protocol figured out first or maybe take a closer look at what's led you to this point and then dicide on treatment options before taking it to the next level.
    I know your probably thinking "what have I got to lose?" but I'd be willing to bet that if you need HRT there might be more going on than just low test.
    Good luck Man

  3. My test is 360ng/dl and I'm 24.. Staying on arimidex alone, I am keeping gains much easier. I must be secondary. (LH was lower when I checked it.) How are your thyroid #s?

    I think he'd have no issues keeping gains.

  4. not sure why thy # are, labs are at home and I'm very far away right now... I'm planning on chatting up the doc when I get home, but I will continue on with my cycle.
    I will say this- my nat. low test has nothing to do with cycling at all.. this is my first one.

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