eq and test

  1. eq and test

    test cyp 200mg/week
    eq 600mg/week

    10 weeks.


    going low on test cause i do not like bloat and rosy red cheeks.

  2. Too low. Do 500mg/week and run nolve to stop the bloating.

    What are your plans post cycle?

  3. 600mg/day 6oxo

  4. you could do the 6 oxo but I think that some tried it and it didn't work as well... you might see if you can get some ldex.. 0.25-0.5 a day would keep the bloat down.. at least that is what I am betting on

  5. I did 12 weeks of 250mg Test Enanthate / 600mg EQ.

    The gains were slow, subtle and without bloat. I don't think I'd do it again, though. I was using 50mg/ml EQ, so it didn't seem worth all the injections at the end of it all.

    My opinion may have been different had I used a higher concentration EQ, but I would suggest increasing the test and add some arimidex to kill the bloat.

    Good luck!

  6. Test is THE primary anabolic in any good cycle but if you would be happy with slower leaner gains then dont listen to anyone's suggestions. In my opinion it would be a waste of good needles to do only 200 mg per week of test and i would run 500 mg per week of test + 500 mg per week of eq and maybe .25 mg per day of ldex to keep down bloat.

  7. I agree with the 500mg cyp also. Femara worked well for me, no bloating at all at .5mg daily.

  8. where can i get femera?

    is it a anti-aromatase?

    i am looking for a quality anti-aromotase.

  9. ldex, femera, nolva and arimidex will all work well to control the bloat.

    skip the 6-0x0 and get nolva and/or clomid for post cycle much more effecitve.


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