Steroid user grows new head.

  1. Steroid user grows new head.


    I've been on xandrox 15 (ed) a.m. spirnolactone 2%(ed) p.m. With propecia for about 4 months now. I went to get my haircut today when all of a sudden the stylist got this confused look on her face while examining my scalp very close. When I asked her what was wrong she said that I had hundreds of little hairs growing through the existing mature hairs! I was so stoked I felt like cracking open a cold one right then and there, too bad I don't drink anymore.

    Man God bless this crap, even though it reaks like I have a toxic skunk butt on my head, who cares! At least I've got freakin' hair!

  2. thats good new bro...did u get any of the nasty side effects associated w/ propecia

  3. Thanks man. Here's what I noticed with propecia @ 1mg daily:

    Stopped hairloss
    No acne
    No oily skin
    Sex drive okay. Still had a.m. boners.
    Affected strength.
    Lost some vascularity.
    Muscles seemed not as hard.

    Because of this I dropped the dose to .5 mg eod to see how I respond.

  4. Great to hear that combination is working!!

  5. Thanks brother! I had my wife confirm the results last night. She was skeptical and giving me a hard time at first cause the products smelled so bad, but look who's ridin' high now! Start likin' it baby! Toxic skunk butt head is here to stay!



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