In need of clomid!

  1. In need of clomid!

    I ordered liquid clomid from almost 2 weeks ago. I haven't received my order yet. I think I am possibly developing gyno. I have contacted them through email 2 times now with no response. They charged my pay pal account already. What should I do? Is there a telephone number I can reach them at? If I don't receive my order is there any over the counter drug stores where I could purchase clomid at? I live in the US.

  2. my choice would be to go to a place like DPS, and have them over-night-delivery you a bottle of 6-OXO PRONTO. ****'ll probably end up costing about $40-45, but, let's be honest-- if it is gyno, that's not much of a price to pay for piece-of-mind and normal pecs...

  3. You can also try PumpnPose and/or Sciensupply. They're very good and usually only take only 2-3 days for delivery.

  4. But if you think you're getting gyno, i'd skip on clomid and go for Nolva.

  5. Dude, I ordered my Clomid and Nolva from Liqua-Solutions on Monday of this week and I just got it today (Thursday of the same week). There are even 1ml eye droppers within the bottles.

  6. You better make sure you used the right Liqua-solutions bro. Ive heard that there are some knock offs with almost the same name out there that are good at screwing people. If this guy got his in a few days you should have gotten yours too.

    And if your pretty sure about the gyno, you better get nolva instead.

  7. hemotep
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    arent liquasolutions and liquid research the same...i ordered clomid from them and need some nolva in the mean time as well?
    What about research kits or other one, that eagle something in the address?

  8. Originally posted by sbass0317
    Dude, I ordered my Clomid and Nolva from Liqua-Solutions on Monday of this week and I just got it today (Thursday of the same week). There are even 1ml eye droppers within the bottles.
    is that what the dropper comes out as? i didnt notice any measing marks on it. is that to the brim?

  9. Most droppers are generally 10 drops to 1 mL. However, I always use my oral syringe I got a while ago. It just seemed neat that they put droppers in the bottles now.
  10. hemotep
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    Just a note, i recieved my order of clomid today. Ordered from liquidresearch on friday, not bad.

  11. Hemo,
    I love your avatar.

  12. hemotep
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    why, its just a lady clicking a mouse you perv?

  13. I know, Her fingernail polish (did I spell that right, not the national origin, the paint), I gotta get some like that. Its sooooooo beeeaaaauuutiiffffffulll.


  14. LOL i know when i first looked at i was like,"what the hell!" LOL

  15. I ordered from They won't send me an email giving me my tracking number. When I ordered the clomid july 15, 2003, they sent me a receipt by email with an order order transaction ID number. Here it is July 25, and no clomid and no response from them. What should I do.

  16. call them and yell they will give you an extra bottle
  17. hemotep
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    I forgot to mention, i recieved two bottles (ordered 1). Dont know why, as my order wasnt delayed at all.

  18. i ordered liquid nolva and clomid from last wednesday and received them on sat by priority mail. The solutions are clear and come in glass vials with droppers. looks very professional.

  19. I bought some clo cap from universal kits (50 capsules ) how many caps is the daily dosage?


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