thoughts on SNS inhibit e...

  1. thoughts on SNS inhibit e...

    I have a bottle of inhibit e that i was considering using with my post cycle therapy. right now im on a 10 week cycle of sust/test e, and PP looks like this

    weeks 1-10 sust/test e 500mg/week pinned mon/thur
    weeks 1-2 PP @ 20mg/day
    weeks 3-4 PP @ 30mg/day

    post cycle therapy looks like this:
    Nolva 40/40/30/20/20
    and all support supps
    have trib and dhea on hand for test booster, but think im going to get something else too...any suggestions on a cheap but effective test booster?

    I was going to throw the inhibit e in there, but didnt know if it was even worth it. thoughts?

  2. anyone? anything? searched but didnt find much on it...

  3. Taper it up with Nolva being tapered down. Looks good.

  4. what about a good, but inexpensive test booster?

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