i did't work out for the past 3 months can i start with cycle right away?

  1. i did't work out for the past 3 months can i start with cycle right away?

    yes or no?..... Iam thinking no but ill ask anyways:dl:

  2. not a good idea...if u get back into the swing of things and make natural gains, u will be much more pleased with ur cycle later on in the long run

  3. Talking

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    i did't work out for the past 3 months can i start with cycle right away?
    Sure the Life Cycle is a nice piece of aerobic equipment. Jump on that sucker and pedal your ass off.

  4. i would kill ur soreness first and once you've worked out for a good 4 weeks naturally and got ur base built up then cycle.

  5. I'd agree that you need at least 3-4 weeks "warmup" again first

  6. I agree with all the above posts. Personally, I noticed that my body respond well with cycle when I stay clean for about 4 to 6 weeks after PCT. Just clean food and vital supplements with regimented workouts. And cardio is important too - vein popping pump is good motivator i think.

  7. self penis love and envy is good as well.

  8. I would hit it hard naturally until you were where you were when you stopped 3 months ago, at least

  9. thanks guys i was just making sure.

  10. If you've worked for a few years consistently before the 3 month layoff and you've cycled before, I don't see any problem with it. You'll probably just get back to where you before you left off quicker. I wouldn't go for more than a light 4 weeker and then workout natural for 2-3 months and then maybe do a heavier cycle. Just my opinion. I know why everyone else is saying no, and if you're really wishy-washy with your training then I agree the answer is no until you get into a regular routine for a few months. But if you do go ahead, don't rush to add weight too quickly, your joints/tendons may not be able to handle it right away.


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