Headaches from adrenosterone or 1,4ad

  1. Headaches from adrenosterone or 1,4ad

    I started these two a week ago dosed at 1gram split 3 times a day for the 1,4ad and 500 mgs split twice for the adre. and have gotten two terible headaches, and I'm wondering if anyone else has gotten headaches from these compounds. I hope its the adre. because the 1,4ad was going to be the workhorse in this cycle. I think its blood pressure, but the headaches come on in the morning about 8-10 hours after my last dose of each.

  2. I got headaches with adrenosterone when i went over 600mg

  3. I hope its the adrenosterone. I started the 1,4ad again and am just going to take one does of 250mgs adre. in the morning for cortisol control. Hopeful this will work and no more headaches. I wonder what causes the headaches from adrenosterone.

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