I did a cycle of this in June, the gains I made were't unreal but they were solid, my mood was always good and my libido was off the charts. I started at 150 for the first 2 weeks and gradually got it up to 600. At that time I swear I was on cloud nine. I went from 175 pounds to 192, since I been off I weigh 183, and my strength has been pretty much the same (perhaps off a rep or 2). What I am concerned about now is my libido, I took Nolvadex and Vitrix and my libido is pretty much in the toilet still. What else can I do? Or is it basically just wait it out? I stopped on September 10th. When would I be able to do it again? How long does it take the aveage person to get back to "normal"? I just signed up for this site and I love it.