rubbing alcohol and new vial

  1. rubbing alcohol and new vial

    suppose a bottle of test fell off the back of a truck, and you found it. suppose that the neck of the bottle had broken upon picking up this bottle of test. so you decide to put the contents of in another vial. so you go to the lab store pick up a vial and proceed to clean it with rubbing alcohol. you swish it around in there nice and good, then dump it all out.
    you then proceed to pour the test into the vial, but right as you do you notice a slight drab of rubbing alcohol still inside.. maybe .001ml worth. just a drab.
    this same proceedure was used before
    when test fell off another truck a few years ago. but you just cant remember how empty the new vial was before dumping the test into said new vial.

    now you ask.. how harmful would it be to still inject this 30ml of test you just dumped in a new vial which contains .001ml of rubbing alcohol.

  2. might not be but it would sure hurt if it wasn't.. take a look at the vial after you let it set for a while.. the alcohol should "float" on the top alittle becasue the alcohol is less dense than the oil.. now if it does.. you can evaporate it off with alittle heat..
    Now I want to move where you are.. test falling off trucks and all

  3. thanks for the info.. i will keep this in mind.

  4. LMFAO I need to relocate too! I think the evaporation suggestion is a good one but .001 ml will you even be able to SEE it?....surely not if you accidentally applied heat to it and it somehow accidentally ended up in your glutes to insure decontamination was complete.

  5. Yay!! The test truck is coming again, can you hear the bells? I'll have a vial of prop and enth please, thanks Mr. Test Man

  6. LMAO.. now that would be a good sight rollin through the neighborhood in summer...

  7. Agreed on the evaporation... make sure you vent the vial while heating it or it will crack..

  8. stick a(20G would be good) needle in the stopper to vent it, and heat it up in a pot of water. personally I would then refilter it with a syringe filter.


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