Help! How to get rid of a Knot from injection

  1. Unhappy Help! How to get rid of a Knot from injection

    I gave myself a shot the other day and then went to a 5 day training where I was sitting 10 hours a day! Now I have this huge knot the size of my hand. Its bruised and hurts and lumpy. Anyone know how to get rid of it? Ive been injecting off and on for 5 years. Never a problem like this before

  2. try sleeping on a heating pad, and hot showers/bath and massage it, thats the only thing i can think of....what were you injecting? some things seem to cause more soreness than others.

  3. I did the heating pad and soaked in an epson salts bath and massaged it last night and it seemed to help a great deal. Dinandrol and sustanon. I believe I spelled that wrong. Normally its no big deal. I think it was from sitting everyday for such long hours caused it. It was huge, bruised, rock hard and sore. Still sore but bruising has faded and the size has gone down alot. Geez! The heating pad helps the most. Its all Swedish product.

  4. I would suggest just using a light massage. I've heard a horror story about a guy who was pressing a knot in his delt against a wall corner pretty hard and it did some serious damage then led to infection.

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