Down 6lbs off cycle

  1. Down 6lbs off cycle

    Well **** me. At 5'10 I was weighing in at 190lbs in my workout clothes while I was on, now I'm barely tipping 184lbs. Either I lost the water weight or didn't do my post recovery right and lost the muscle. I kept my training hard and ate big but I shrank anway. Now I'm working my ass off to gain those lbs back.

  2. Bro it's a good idea to ease up on the training when in post cycle. Your muscles need more rest. good luck with the rest of it. later J

  3. Yep, massive cals and low intensity training is the way to go. Any meds post cycle?

  4. Yeah I took clomid post cycle, but I realize my mistake now. I didn't start it when I was supposed to. I guess I wasn't thinking right. While I was focused on training and I forgot to start the clomid during the end of my cycle and I probably had a major test crash. I still made gains because pre-cycle unclothed I used to weigh 175, now I'm up to 183. Nonetheless I am disappointed with my loss.

  5. yeah i think i lost about 5... sucks..



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