Drug tests for probation

  1. Drug tests for probation

    Anyone know what they test for? Or is it dependent on situation? I would think testing for aas would be a lot more costly than rec drug test

  2. If you got busted for regular drugs or just some type of crime your only going to get tested for rec drugs. If you were busted with juice then you more than likely going to get tested for juice.

  3. that is what I got popped for. First time I went in to fill out paperwork, they made me take a piss test. I had just taken a test prop shot 4 days earlier and it was all clear. I assume they were just testing for rec drugs. I wish there was a way to find out fed's procedures.

  4. Or here's an idea... don't risk breaking probation for something you can easily do after it is up. While your may not piss hot for steroids you could run into a situation with the steroids themselves if you get busted or checked elsewhere.

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