Side effects of Clomid?

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  1. Id hate to see you guys deal with this lethargy Im fighting right now.
    That was my biggest problem also.
    I couldn't get motivared to do anything.
    Didn't want to eat or work out.
    Guess what happened to the nice gains I made...

  2. The mood swings aren't really that bad, lol. It's not as if they are a big enough deterrant that I won't us it, or that it's completely uncontrollable emotional outburts for christs' sake!

    I personally chose clomid becuase I ran letro through cycle and post cycle now also, and I have heard that nolva and letro do not play well together Allegedly one decreased the effectiveness of the other by a significant %, so I figured I'd go with letro/clomid, although one could just as easily do Nolva. Choices, choices

  3. One time I was walking in the mall and Banana Republic had a sale, and I just broke down and started crying...

  4. hhahahhahaaha,..... WHAT?
    That is a serious issue my friend.
    A sale at banana republic is nothing to cry about. There regular prices on the other hand, my eyes welt up just thinking about em.


  5. well, I was mad because a week ago I bought a shirt that was like , I dunno 55 bucks or something and now it was like 19.99, and I kept saying WHY HAS GOD FORSAKEN ME!!!!


  7. Im starting to get scared now. Maybe Ill just go on 1 big never ending cycle and never have to do post cycle meds. Although I do enjoy a good sale at the mall with my guy friends

  8. after watching " Queer Eye for the straight guy" I really wanna corral up some gay dudes and go shopping... that wrong?

  9. LMFAO @ Jar!!!!

    After several weeks of Clomid therapy I find I now enjoy interior decorating, new fashion trends, and rainbows. I cry at sad movies and just want romance, is that so wrong?!! Ok, now I'm misty, I gotta go.......




    Again, it's no big deal for those of you who haven't used Clomid, you don't turn into a complete f'ing emotional wreck (aka: woman) in 4 weeks!!

  10. ... and I sit in my window sill, with my diary , listening to Dashboard Confessionals , writing in a teary eyed prose....

    <~~~ took creative writing in high school

  11. Oh my god! I am starting my post cycle of clomid next Wednesday. After reading this thread, I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it! This will be my first time using clomid post cycle. Guess I'll buy some Midol and rent some romantic comedies! Funny ass thread though!


  12. Hell, I'm getting sad just reading about you guys!


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