Poll: How clean is clean on a bulking cycle?

How clean is clean on a bulking cycle?

  1. How clean is clean on a bulking cycle?

    I've been wondering how clean one should eat on a beginning bulking cycle(say...250mg/e5d TE, 200 mg/e5d EQ).

    For example:
    lean meat(e.g. london broil) vs. fattier meat (e.g. tri-tip).
    whole eggs vs. egg whites

    The goal of a bulking cycle is to gain as much mass as possible and that requires calories. However, anabolic steroids have adverse effects on blood lipid profiles...so where does one tout the line?

  2. Stick with lean meats, except maybe 1-2 "fattier" (97% lean vs 85%/90% lean) cuts of meat a week, ex: steak.

    You want to keep your calories up but keep your meat choices as lean as possible ie, lean turkey, chicken breast, eye of round / flank steak, or maybe a Filet once a week

    Keep a balance. I also think eating egg yolkes is important too. If you usually eat 8 egg whites, try 2 whole eggs and 4-6egg whites. Remember that the yolk in the egg has all the amino acids and the other healthy fats and nutrients. Cutting out egg yolkes completely and only eating egg whites is taking out the most nutrient rich part of the egg.

    Use common sense. Keep your fats up, but make as much of it as possible healthy fats like natural PB, almonds, and essential fatty acids.

    If you want to manipulate your diet on cycle, play with your carbohydrate intake. Everyone is different. To some people 100-200 grams of carbs is low, while others have to get down to 50 or less to be in their "low carb" zone. Find out how your body reacts to different levels of carbs, and manipulate your intake from there. Try 3-5 days of LOW carbs followed by 1-2 days of HIGH carbs.

    Your diet is one of your best tools for packing on quality muscle. Your body will be able to take higher amounts of fats while on cycle than during a normal period, but keeping your diet fairly clean will help you pack on quality muscle that you will be able to maintain much easier than if you simply eat everything in sight.

    Good luck friend!

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