M1D by Gaspari

  1. M1D by Gaspari

    What is it ? was it good ? because I can

  2. Is this m-diene?

    I hear M-1D, and I think of the product by Legal Gear/ LG Sciences.
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  3. nop me it's methyl-1-D by gaspari

  4. There's a reason the sh!t is $9.99

    I would venture to say it's even a waste at that cost.

    The only known LOGS that I've seen on it had the same conclusion... It's a "poor man's" PH that yields nothing more than unwanted puffy nipples with a case of the "limp d!ck" - But hey, you may like it

  5. Ok then, this is for sure M-diene.

    Chemical name:

    This is similar to methyltren, which is:

    And similar to Finigenix:

    From my understanding, it's a so-so PH. Some people liked it, some noticed nothing more than a slight decrease in wallet size, and some have had NASTY side effects.
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  6. lolllll Ok!


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