Help: I require an oral cutting cycle. I have spent considerable time doing research in my life on hormones buy I have been out of the loop for 3 or 4 years and there are so many new products I can't catch up. I don't need anymore bulk... I'm large enough... prone to gyno also... I want to get back to a lean and hard body...



36yr - training for 20 years - 5' 8" -

Went from from:
32yr old 8%BF @ 172lbs
dead-lifting 500+lbs - used to be called "Mr. Intensity" and "demonstrous" by people in our private studio. (Scream - bleed - puke pass out leg workouts used to be the norm)
Over 4 years I grew to:
36yr 220lbs @ 30%BF I dropped 12lbs in the last 3 weeks to 208lbs. Back on track for diet.

Went from 10 years of eating low carb super clean - clean - clean to eating everything in site - mmmm... donuts... my bench press went from 265 to 325lbs with the jump in weight and dead lifts dropped to 315lbs - no more Mr. Intensity - now I'm a very jolly, fat but built chilled out budda semi-professional pickup artist - peace

My Total T levels have always been in the bottom 1/3 normal range for my age group - now bottom 1/4 percentile - Doc's in Canada won't budge unless I've got total shutdown... but DHT Levels have always been off the charts (high) (Scorpio's - we have the highest sex drive and highest prostate disease rates - usually higher than average DHT levels? Interesting co-relations to research). Free T always within ranges - Blood work always good except low total T levels...

I'm also a redhead with blue eyes = highest dopamine levels of all the monkeys which is where "Mr. Intensity" used to come from. Redhead's with blue or green eyes are the highest - blonds with blue or green eyes have the second highest dopamine levels. An retired CIA agent who worked on the MKUltra Mind Control project taught me that one). That's why redheads & blond girls are easier to bed - it's easy to manipulate their emotions via high dopamine levels. Google MKUltra...

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Cheers & Thanks,