Itchy hairline weeks after cycle

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    Itchy hairline weeks after cycle

    Any advice or suggestions for itchy hairline weeks after cycle and pct? Jus wondering if anyone has experienced this and tried any products that work. I've read big vruga's thread on hairloss and such, but I'm not looking to fork over copius amounts of money or try propecia (I doubt it will work, I don't think dht is my problem). I was reading a thread about the immune system attacking hair follicles after a cycle and this is what I suspect is going on with me. I've tried a few otc products (topical salicylic acid, nizoral, and topical hydrocortisone) for itchy scalp but none of them seem to have a lasting effect.

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    Try using a good conditioner and cold water.(No warm or hot) Do that for about 3-4 days and see how it feels. And Propecia is expensive, but it works well.

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