maximizing 6-8 weeks transdermally

  1. Question maximizing 6-8 weeks transdermally

    i am wanting to do a 6-8 week transdermal cycle (for my second cycle)
    1st cycle was 4 weeks with 4ad/1-test 2 to 1. did ok, got scared at the end when i noticed i was bloated like a blow fish! maybe lower to not? on the 4ad? have nolva/clo maybe get some formestane. i have 1-test, 4ad, nor-4ad, & 1,4 ad. how would you do these for "optimal" results. thanx for any info.

  2. Go here, Super Link

    Dowload the charts and open with excel. They contain some extremly good info for quick referencing and calculating possible gains.

    These guys are geniuses man. Theyll could tell you the meaning of life if you really wanted to know it. But it will probably cost you a fortune.

    Good luck on your cycs bro.


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