Hi, asking this here since you all have pulse on muscle.....im 37, 5'10", 147 pounds with a good physique. Im very confused on whether I should be doing cardio to get my stomach flat and build ab muscle. Reason Im saying is that I have a lean build obviously but i want to keep my stomach flat and have my abs show as much as they can and It seems that even with a great diet and workout routine with no junk food, eating whole foods, protein, etc, it all goes to my stomach the older I get. And Im not ablet to see my abs. So my question is am I breaking down muscle by doing HIIT cardio 3 days a week for 20 mins as I dont really ever gain and my abs dont seem to show or should I be sticking to more cardio to keep my stomach flat? Im so confused whether cardio is the way or do I need to eat more and work out harder with no cardio to slim down?