Cardio or not? less or more?

  1. Cardio or not? less or more?

    Hi, Im asking this in here as you all have the pulse on muscle. im 37, 5'10", 147 pounds with a good physique. Im very confused on whether I shoud be doing cardio to make my abs show. Reason Im saying is that I have a lean build obviously but i want to keep my stomach flat and have my abs show as much as they can and It seems that even with a great diet and workout routine with no junk food, eating whole foods, protein, etc, it all goes to my stomach the older I get. So my question is am I breaking down muscle by doing HIIT cardio 3 days a week for 20 mins as I dont really ever gain and my abs dont seem to show or should I be sticking to more cardio to keep my stomach flat? Im so confused whether cardio is the way or do I need to eat more and work out harder with no cardio to slim down? Or do I need some sort of steroid to help my muscles grow?

  2. are you doing any weight training with your cardio? to have your abs show thru, you need not only a very low bf, but must also have decent built abs. You should also be working your abs 2-3 times a week, with some weighted abs or some type of resistance, and also bodyweight movements. hope this can help some.

  3. Yeah I am doing abs and weight training regularly

  4. OK....

    1. Why is this in the steroid section?
    2. Theres no way you are doing the correct training as an ectomorph and not seeing abs. I understand age is a part of it but on HIIT and 2-3 days of ab trainging. No offense but youre either lieing or not doing what you say as far as traingin and diet. Cause i am endomorph and i do enough to see my abs and i only do 3 days cardio and 2 days ab work. My diet is not perfect but very very good.(high carbs) so you may want to rethink what your doing.

    Idea: Cardio on empty stomach in morn, only wiht some BCAAs in you and maybe 20g protein from a shake.

    No carbs after 8 or so.

    EDIT: Ok i see the lat line about steroid help, not worth it, not goin to help. Theres is also a 35+ section and those guys will be able to hepl alot too.
    those 2 things alone helped me alot.

  5. you need some heavy weights on those abs. if you body fat is low and you still can't see them, more than likley you don't have enough mass to show through in the first place. Start bulking and use compound exercises that envolve your core like squats and deadlifts. Only then will you see some good ab development. Although It depends on the person, some people will never develop a six pack, even with low body fat and a good solid amount of mass.

    you're way to lite for steriod use, start gaining natural or go with MentalTwitch's idea for morning cardio, light to medium pase for atleast 45 mins 4-5 time a week with a cal deficit. If you don't get cut doing that then your doning something wrong



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